We love catering parties, we will work with you to tailor a menu for your event, whether that is Middle Eastern or another World Cuisine, so that your food is as unique as your special occasion. Below are some samples of what we can offer.  



Chicken Chermoula - Chicken breast marinated in coriander, green chilli, lemon & spices.
Za-atar Chicken -
A thyme & sumac based marinade with sesame seeds.
Saffron & Lemon Chicken - Vibrant yellow chicken with saffron, preserved lemon and tumeric.
Dukkah Lamb Cutlets - Griddled lamb with a spicy, nutty rub.
Lamb Kefta - Minced lamb cumin, parsley and pinenuts.
Lamb Ras El Hamoot - North African, sweet spiced marinade with ginger, tumeric & all spice.
Beef Kofta - Spiced minced beef, with garlic, parsley, red chilli.
Beef Baharatt - Steak rested for 48hr in a dry rub with coriander seed, cardamon and spices. Griddled and served thinly sliced.
Harrisa Vegetable Skewers - Mixed, chunky vegetables marinated in harissa spice.


Fattoush - Israeli chopped vegetable salad
Tabbouleh -
Parsley & bulgar wheat salad
Lentil & Quinoa
Courgette & wild rice
Persian herb rice
Middle Eastern coleslaw
Broad bean, tomato & cumim
Avacado & fennel
Chickpea, nut & dried fruit
Cauliflower & cranberry

Turkish white bean
Feta & fennel
Baby spinach with dates & almonds
Artichoke & herb
Spicy beetroot, leek & walnut

Dips & Dressings

Hummus dip - variety of flavours
Butternut squash & tahini dip

Beetroot with yoghurt & za-atar
Baba ghanoush dip - aubergine
Yoghurt, cucumber & cumin dip
Roasted red pepper dip
Ezme dip - spicy tomato & pepper
Pistachio & feta dip
Tahina dressing - sesame seed puree
Pomegranate & balsamic dressing
Pomegranate sauce
Tamarind & date dressing
Mint & orange blossom dressing
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